Dune | Official Main Trailer
MALIGNANT - Official Trailer
Alan Rachnid
Alan Rachnid 2 minut temu
After seeing the movie and the deleted scenes, I’ve returned to this trailer and realised Capaldi’s words at the start are all from a deleted scene of him and David Dastmalchian in the back of the van. Wish they hadn’t cut it out of the movie!!
trash 2 minut temu
looks worse than cleaver
jorge blast
jorge blast 2 minut temu
First one made a print in Sci Fi cinema history
studydoc 5 minut temu
You had me at Pink Floyd
Jose Zaldivar
Jose Zaldivar 7 minut temu
¡This is Tràiler is ... Way past the Rule of Cool!
JASON COBB 12 minut temu
Please don't disappoint
Bambim 14 minut temu
Aran Walsh
Aran Walsh 16 minut temu
Rescue mission...?
ScottyRules33 26 minut temu
You're going to have to "FLY" me? That's what it sounds like.
Zone Notr
Zone Notr 27 minut temu
Tonny 30 minut temu
Jorodwsky movie finally came out after 50 years, does it will last 12 hours and will bring LSD effects as he promised ?
Stéphane Thirion
Stéphane Thirion 34 minut temu
Not great, 45 minutes less at the beginning and 45 minutes more at the end. Also, the special effects are limited.
Getano 38 minut temu
Very Disappointing‼️
Noah 44 minut temu
Who’s the new wanna be Morpheus? Looks okay. Not liking the new cast very much tho. (Besides Neo and Trinity)
R L 49 minut temu
If Joey Diaz is in it then I’m watching cocksuckas!
chaaampagnesupernova 51 minuta temu
Wake up Samourai
NightCoreStudio 51 minuta temu
there's no more milk in the cow for god's sake.
Nostalgia 51 minuta temu
Interested to see how the trailer in October tops this 👀
F҉L҉A҉T҉R҉O҉N҉N҉I҉E҉ 53 minut temu
Goat Noise Photography
Goat Noise Photography 58 minut temu
The trailer makes it look so good, but the film is utter shite.
OmniRadio 58 minut temu
They could not have picked a better actor then JD Washington
Benjamin Steel
Benjamin Steel Godzinę temu
Notice also that M. Emmet Walsh (original Bladerunner) and Ana de Armas share a scene together in Knives Out, and in that scene there’s a cheeky yet subtle nod to Walsh’s character in Bladerunner (Captain Bryant).
Hola Hola
Hola Hola Godzinę temu
Benjamin Steel
Benjamin Steel Godzinę temu
Notice that Harrison Ford and Ana de Armas do not share a single scene together the entire film. Notice also that M. Emmet Walsh (original Bladerunner) and Ana de Armas share a scene together in Knives Out, and in that scene there’s a cheeky yet subtle nod to Walsh’s character in Bladerunner (Captain Bryant).
tenparab Godzinę temu
Kay Playz
Kay Playz Godzinę temu
Bring it bck plz
just a girl with a mustache
just a girl with a mustache Godzinę temu
I will watch that trailer till the movie comes out
Warrior girl
Warrior girl Godzinę temu
Can't wait.. can't wait.
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي Godzinę temu
Always folow the WHITE RABBIT
Kskks Jdkdjdj
Kskks Jdkdjdj Godzinę temu
@Jkj Kknk, LMAO that comment dserves more
Jkj Kknk,
Jkj Kknk, Godzinę temu
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي Godzinę temu
Flint Godzinę temu
Please, just don't... The trilogy is already in the books. You don't have to do this!
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي Godzinę temu
Trinity:where have you been all these years Neo:long story someone killed my dog plot twist : its copied
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي Godzinę temu
Hiruni Fernando
Hiruni Fernando Godzinę temu
Really I can't get rid of this. I feel like I'm addicted to Harry Potter series
Dez Godzinę temu
This looks great....hopefully Doogie Howser has a small role in it....sorry
Chetan Singh
Chetan Singh Godzinę temu
I hate the loud background music, it's painful for ears with earphones Otherwise movie is great. Should have kept music volume low.
Ikonik Beast
Ikonik Beast Godzinę temu
I still have to come back to this...THIS TRAILER SLAPS
D Dugger
D Dugger Godzinę temu
Crushing again on Tony Soprano. Looks amazing, enjoy seeing actors like Ray Liotta. Michael has his father’s eyes.
Quim Marsal
Quim Marsal Godzinę temu
Not gonna lie, after the midway point the film kinda drags. It's a shame, since the first half is phenomenal.
Coding Mafia
Coding Mafia Godzinę temu
As long views are many then I'm watching
Budi Saputra
Budi Saputra Godzinę temu
I see him as John Wick, not Mr Anderson (neo). 🤣
Anna Khomenko
Anna Khomenko 2 godzin temu
Just watched, it's a great movie❤
Deast GAMING 2 godzin temu
Сергей Мириган
Сергей Мириган 2 godzin temu
Oh my god. What happened to morpheus?
Sonia Astacio
Sonia Astacio 2 godzin temu
Remember young Tony used to have a relationship with Artie's , the restaurateurs, wife before he was with Carmela .This is so interesting!
iwannababillionaire 2 godzin temu
The brief clips of Vera Farmiga gives me chills...
Nukak Maku Girl
Nukak Maku Girl 2 godzin temu
Dude, this is 🆒️
MrRavan218 2 godzin temu
they realy did laurence dirty
Ahmed Basim
Ahmed Basim 2 godzin temu
They show all the story in that Trailer 😀 bravo
bofe111 2 godzin temu
This is such stupid movie! I didnt expect it will be so bad but it was!!
Richard 2 godzin temu
This Trailer makes no sense to me, if it makes no sense to me now, how do you believe I would allow this to become normalised in my head by watching it.. I would prefer to not make sense of it..
Richard 2 godzin temu
I would be happier to see these celebrities reject the entertainment industry and tell the truth about it, instead of continuing on with stealing and distracting people. If you renounce the devil you can find forgiveness.. Tell the truth and free minds, and free yourself.. Let it all go..
Ian Worley
Ian Worley 2 godzin temu
The amount of us that will be rewatching the trilogy before this one
Richard 2 godzin temu
Once again the creators of these movies just want to capture peoples minds using CGI etc.. Its been done before, but its nothing from the previous movies. The reason why you wanted to start over is because the first three movies you felt were not done justice by the sequels. And now you believe writing a new story would deliver it some justice. Its a load of nonsense not matter how many times you regurgitate it.
nA Na
nA Na 2 godzin temu
How to ruin a great movie series by Warner Bros.
H C 2 godzin temu
1:55 Nice...
gotchya beetch
gotchya beetch 2 godzin temu
I wanted another sopranos season, but i compromised. I got many saints of Newark
Richard 2 godzin temu
How can you attain power without being responsible? and you know its about violence and destruction?? When you cant control yourself and have not attained power over yourself and your mind? and you assume powers would be used to create peace? when its still destruction and chaos?? This might be why human beings cant have those powers, because they use them to punish each other or to destroy and create chaos?? So humanity created power, through bullets and bombs etc... Which then proves my point that humanity has not self control when they attain power.. this is then why humanity can not attain these powers over the reality we exist in,.
Jason Mendez
Jason Mendez 2 godzin temu
Blackguard body was right there and nobody noticed
b keano
b keano 2 godzin temu
This captures the spirit of the original, I would say even better in style and tone to BR 2049, that movie felt too bright and cold in places. I love the orange hue sky in this one
Kenneth Davtyan
Kenneth Davtyan 2 godzin temu
why is neo dressed like jonh wick?
Diana Constantin
Diana Constantin 2 godzin temu
Satanists are never stopping 12.22.21....
Unv12sL 2 godzin temu
Omar Younes
Omar Younes 2 godzin temu
and this is ladies and gentlemen. is the end of pennywise the clown and the of IT. what a incredible movie series
Mert Palaoğlu
Mert Palaoğlu 2 godzin temu
Brandon Hoge
Brandon Hoge 2 godzin temu
So the first movie about Venus and Serena is about their dad…. Bahahah damn what a burn on them
kevin cheung
kevin cheung 2 godzin temu
I am kevin
Richard 2 godzin temu
Everything created by the entertainment industry exists as a distraction. They said free your mind and let it all go.. Yet here they are again pretending that their freeing your minds.. The Jargon and complete nonsense presented within this trailer, tells me to not watch it..
chaotic shaman
chaotic shaman 2 godzin temu
I thought Uncle Joey was going to be in this movie
Scape Goat
Scape Goat 2 godzin temu
This looks like Esjaydubayu garbage.
Zia Frederick
Zia Frederick 2 godzin temu
loved this movie soo muchhh!!!!❤️🔥
Michael JorFraud
Michael JorFraud 2 godzin temu
Release date- March 4th, 2022
Phil Petersen
Phil Petersen 2 godzin temu
Where TF is the Atreides pug?!
Richard 2 godzin temu
Your Mind And The World Around You Over The Years Creating Many Variations Of Normality That Were Not Normal Have Now Been Made Acceptable. Your Mind Has Been Defined And Created, But Not Exactly Created And Defined By Yourself, Or Your Freedom. The Entertainment Industry And Celebrities Have Defined Your Mind And How You Accept Reality, By Sabotaging Your Senses... You Don't Have Full Control Over Your Experiences And Senses That Create Your Experiences.. Your senses have been used, to create your emotions and feelings... Listen to the silence you can create around you, and you will free your mind.. Let Go Of The Entertainment Industry... You have been distracted by those things.
Aws Al Yemen
Aws Al Yemen 2 godzin temu
Finally a horror movie worth to watch these days👏. I highly recommend it
Richard 3 godzin temu
When you decide to follow a dream, you feel happier when your sleeping. But you realise you cant make the dream a reality unless you have followers. And so you rely on your followers to make your dream a reality. And they end up feeling happier when their sleeping too... Its time to stop dreaming and its time to stop following someone else's dream... Free Your Mind, Wake Up... Let Go Of The Entertainment Industry.. Take Back Your Senses, And Take Back Your Mind..
Richard 3 godzin temu
This movie has nothing to do with their first motive, " to Free Your Mind " From the Matrix.. Simply watching movies like this exist to absorb your mind. By playing on your desires of having power... But you have no control over your senses when you allow your mind to be absorbed by these things. You need to free your mind from things that use your senses in order to capture and absorb your minds... Listen to the silence, and let go of the entertainment industry and the world created by it and its celebrities..
MIKE111 3 godzin temu
After watching this movie I paced an appointment for psychiatrist
Richard 3 godzin temu
If you desire power, you need to master yourself. you need power over yourself, not each other..... Its not about power and control over each other... Its the power and control you have over yourself... Self Awareness is Defined By " Self Control "... Have power over yourself and your mind rather than lose your mind to all those things manipulating your senses in order to attain your mind.. Let it all Go.
Levi Charter
Levi Charter 3 godzin temu
Even the first film was bad in my opinion, the sequels just found out how to get worse, let's hope this movie is good
Anxiety Train
Anxiety Train 3 godzin temu
It's time to do something else....
Society Zero
Society Zero 3 godzin temu
It's even spookier when you realize who Keanu Reeves has been set up and staged as such a down to earth fellow, a real guy, a great human being.