Sakti Sakti
Sakti Sakti 45 sekund temu
Ole out
yuli anto
yuli anto 53 sekund temu
Ole please
Subhash Kj
Subhash Kj Minuta temu
Ole out ! CONTE IN
Ilyas Ismail
Ilyas Ismail 2 minut temu
Wasting so much potential
Taufik Rahman
Taufik Rahman 2 minut temu
Why greenwood ...Ole??? We dont like individual player... MU is team..
ishaq handri
ishaq handri 3 minut temu
In sort, United is way too BIG for Ole. United will go anywhere and wont get any trophy with Ole Mgr
rezamovic nais
rezamovic nais 4 minut temu
ole out
Kang Brul
Kang Brul 5 minut temu
Out out out
Phon Penpoug
Phon Penpoug 8 minut temu
Our players don't passion and very slowly movement
Roy Dean
Roy Dean 12 minut temu
Ole gets paid too much to deserve smiling
Saint_Parie 12 minut temu
Man U is depressinggggg asf
krisna wibawa
krisna wibawa 15 minut temu
Why only lose 0-1, why not 0-9, 0-1 averyone say luck, but we have something wrong on MU, Try cr7 on left, cavani mid striker,sancho right, donny on amf try thats please
jerry royce
jerry royce 16 minut temu
You never started this game well and also tell your defenders to protect De gea on corners ffs!!
Wyatt Hunter
Wyatt Hunter 16 minut temu
The next two games will be crucial…we could actually miss on champions league final stage and go back to Europa League. Also we can’t lose the next league game at home.
Love begets Love
Love begets Love 16 minut temu
D C 18 minut temu
Just go man! Miserable
Boton Onu
Boton Onu 19 minut temu
Bruno Fernandez should be replaced/ sell.
Ian Tan
Ian Tan 20 minut temu
We need to change Ole as Chelsea change lampard. His job is done. We is a manager who know how to use big player s.
chimpu 22 minut temu
Team Ole In please open your eyes ... If not watch the next match against Villarreal ... The tears will open them for you 😜
pinta Barus
pinta Barus 22 minut temu
OLE out that is it..
chidubem 24 minut temu
Bruno should've never taken that penalty when Ronaldo was on the pitch. It was still a very poor result from us.
Satrya Sitepu
Satrya Sitepu 26 minut temu
Kayuhijau 💩💩💩
gad abdat
gad abdat 27 minut temu
Just admit it. Villa played better and deserved to win. OLE OUT!
WFS 12
WFS 12 29 minut temu
I dont understand why fred on starting line up . He’s very bad every playing Its riddicolous We need antonio conte
James T
James T 29 minut temu
Can’t blame it on bad decisions ole, jesus
bao tuan
bao tuan 30 minut temu
3 year no trophy 🤢🤮
kyaw kyaw music crazy
kyaw kyaw music crazy 30 minut temu
Please change coaches, please.
Novi Arianingsih
Novi Arianingsih 31 minuta temu
Pedro Isaque S Agostini
Pedro Isaque S Agostini 31 minuta temu
Tiros esse técnico logo , pega o zidane que tá sem time
Lalduhawma Ralte
Lalduhawma Ralte 32 minut temu
United want a New Manager,Ole Out
kyaw kyaw music crazy
kyaw kyaw music crazy 32 minut temu
Coach bad
Mr vann Walker
Mr vann Walker 33 minut temu
Change Coach to😤
Hayford Wood Ayim
Hayford Wood Ayim 33 minut temu
BROKEN EDELWEISS 34 minut temu
GREEN WOOD. Green Wood is too selfish, doesn't prioritize the team. lots of chances for other players to score but he doesn't pass the ball.
hj e
hj e 34 minut temu
ole out
Lalduhawma Ralte
Lalduhawma Ralte 35 minut temu
Ole and Fred Out😡
Werry -
Werry - 39 minut temu
Ole time is up Sacked him
B simms
B simms 39 minut temu
Ole's hiding behind VAR and referees! Ole's losing it. He is not demanding enough from players. Giving the players the freedom to Express themselves does not mean the coach sitting there doing NOTHING UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE. Today was a massive game after a loss at home but Wednesday's not going to be any different if Ole's going to be Mr. Nice guy!
Werry -
Werry - 39 minut temu
Ole sucks, ole must out 😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
Reyzavano Maris
Reyzavano Maris 41 minuta temu
Ole out
Channel_TWS-IF 41 minuta temu
Jonas Nilsson
Jonas Nilsson 43 minut temu
Today was a horrible show , and it is clear to me that something lacks in managerment area. I did not see what you saw Ole.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 43 minut temu
A better Coach with this squad = 🏆
JFB 44 minut temu
Ole out plz
JFB 44 minut temu
Ole out
Akmal Fauzi
Akmal Fauzi 45 minut temu
Ole coach is poor in tactics and is always slow in making decisions and is not firm until whenever United will not win if he is still coached by Ole
Agus subagyo
Agus subagyo 45 minut temu
Souljer out,souljer manajer amatir ..manejer mu zidan wineer liga inggris
Gelas Kosong
Gelas Kosong 46 minut temu
Come on lads
Hriat Zuala
Hriat Zuala 48 minut temu
Ole plz go out if you really cared for this club
KyuraGaming 48 minut temu
Ole Out, Conte In or Zidane In
Akmal Fauzi
Akmal Fauzi 48 minut temu
ole you just resign from the coaching chair, and rest at home with your beloved family
Biggy_Pogsz Football
Biggy_Pogsz Football 48 minut temu
I think Ed should sack Ole
faisal hitumorang
faisal hitumorang 51 minuta temu
Ole out
Tbc Vala
Tbc Vala 51 minuta temu
OGS out!
Tan Eric
Tan Eric 52 minut temu
Ole , excuse again ? No home crowd ?
Ong Kim
Ong Kim 53 minut temu
No playing freed dog!
sam oke
sam oke 53 minut temu
out !
Z 59 minut temu
Stop playing McFred
CHIYUN LEE Godzinę temu
Ole should be resigned
richboychaz Godzinę temu
Ole is the wrong piece in the puzzle he has to go he clearly does not knw how to set players it's sad to say he is going to be fired without any achievement the same lampard saga
Akram Amanullah
Akram Amanullah Godzinę temu
Ole out
Muntasir Jahan id 003
Muntasir Jahan id 003 Godzinę temu
Oly never has a strategy
Sylvester Godzinę temu
Don't blame Ole and the whole team, looking at the overall Premier League matches last evening, were rigged by betting companies.
Arshdeep Sivia
Arshdeep Sivia Godzinę temu
why not giving to planty to ronaldo 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Tường Từ
Tường Từ Godzinę temu
Q Godzinę temu
Out of his depth, please leave 😫😫😫
Theoakty Godzinę temu
Yoka Biru
Yoka Biru Godzinę temu
Andri Kemon
Andri Kemon Godzinę temu
Ole solksjaer uot !
Gegayaan TV
Gegayaan TV Godzinę temu
Greenwod play for himself not for a team!
spensersnmark Godzinę temu
These reporters scared to upset ole and the great man utd lol long may it continue
Micah Smith
Micah Smith Godzinę temu
Still can't believe ole is still going to use bruno over Ronaldo, CRISTIANO RONALDO the best penalty taker in history and as the best mentally in the squad and has way more experience
Micah Smith
Micah Smith Godzinę temu
Any time ole does something right he has to do something more
IRZA HL IRZA HL Godzinę temu
Ole out pulls Zidane in..
rusman hadi
rusman hadi Godzinę temu
Ole out
Ikenna Rocky Okafor
Ikenna Rocky Okafor Godzinę temu
The media and being soft on ole with these questions... When will the tough questions start coming? What is ole's style and pattern of play?
Poetra Menggala
Poetra Menggala Godzinę temu
Middle : Pogba & martial
Ivan Amassivedump
Ivan Amassivedump Godzinę temu
In today's game the politics of defence and attack will go back and forth faster than it has in previous year's. The truth is you have to be able to have the insight to know this and foresight to manage it.
fossil tanmoy
fossil tanmoy Godzinę temu
go back ole go back .........
Joseph L Thiek
Joseph L Thiek Godzinę temu
How come Bruno take the penalty while Ronaldo is in the team...Bruno didn't know how to show respect to senior,,in that type of pressure there is no one who is better than Ronaldo...