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Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill 12 dni temu
What should I name this series?!?
Lerry Jonson
Lerry Jonson 3 dni temu
I’m soooo excited for this!! We just started this lifestyle change recently so this is so exciting!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sadi Ward
Sadi Ward 11 dni temu
Feel Better Together :)
Nicole M.
Nicole M. 11 dni temu
Life Haul
Meredith Roebuck
Meredith Roebuck 12 dni temu
“Getting on track with Jac”
Amber Marie
Amber Marie 12 dni temu
Jac gets her groove bac 🤗
Sunny Days
Sunny Days Godzinę temu
I am doing this with you.
Angela D'Antonio
Angela D'Antonio 3 godzin temu
TOTALLY throwing away anything that rhymes or has alliteration at all, I think it should pertain to a lifestyle change. Because that is what this IS. That is what this should ALWAYS BE. It's not a diet, it's not a fitness challenge, it's LIFE. So I'm just gonna say... Jaclyn's Beautiful Lifestyle Journey
Sarah Mccall
Sarah Mccall 10 godzin temu
Aren’t you always changing your life I’ve loved you for years but now I think you just love drama lol you create your own drama
Vavaviolet 11 godzin temu
We love a comeback Queen! Listen, we all make mistakes and the lipsticks was just that. So happy you feel like you again, you didn't deserve all that hate now so slay !!!
Jennifer Cate
Jennifer Cate 13 godzin temu
You’re so brave... thank you for showing us the truth.
Liz N
Liz N 15 godzin temu
Uphill with Jaclyn Hill!
Tiffany Gomez
Tiffany Gomez 21 godzinę temu
This is the Jaclyn I loved from long time ago! I’m here for this and I’m going to start with you
Diana Longoria-Jones
Diana Longoria-Jones 21 godzinę temu
But the trailer is raw! I need to join you! I want to feel good before i consider another baby
Rachel Dzień temu
I am doing the same thing!! 2 weeks in and almost 10 lbs down. I still enjoy the things I love in moderation. The other day I fell but ITS OK. I just started again the next day. Love it and you got this girl!!!!
Rebecca Gibbs
Rebecca Gibbs Dzień temu
Just came back to this video because I needed a little extra motivation to do my last workout of the week. Love you J!
Tayler Underwood
Tayler Underwood Dzień temu
Lord knows you and Jordan will be cooking some DOPE A$$ HEALTHY STUFF! 🖤
emrom Dzień temu
Back to Jac or Getting Back to Jac!
jacklyn kay everyday
jacklyn kay everyday Dzień temu
I have been here since day one, you taught me how to do my makeup and thanks to you i’m going to paul mitchell and start my beauty career ❤️❤️ Never give up and i’m glad you never did !!!
Party of Four
Party of Four Dzień temu
Please take this new chapter seriously Don’t fall out and just make your followers believe you!! Good luck
Alissa Racz
Alissa Racz Dzień temu
I’m genuinely excited for this!
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson Dzień temu
Jac’s getting her health back!
EricaYE6 Dzień temu
*Congratulations on your journey, Jaclyn. Pray daily. God cares about you and wants you to succeed.*
Bianca Dzień temu
I’ll be on this journey with you girl!
Jenny Vee
Jenny Vee Dzień temu
So happy for your choice girl! You got this 👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼 maybe jac’s journey could be a name for this series 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jamie Carbajal
Jamie Carbajal Dzień temu
70 pounds of life has done this buy she is the only one I have ever seen and I love her, I am super excited to see you start this as well. I look forward to watching. U got this
Delinda Buchanan
Delinda Buchanan Dzień temu
You are giving me the push to do the same, thank you!!!
Racquel Olivares
Racquel Olivares Dzień temu
I’m for this! I’m 34 and I’ve been on a new change for my lifestyle…. I started intermittent fasting. So far down 7.5 lbs! I’m not about the weight either but I was curious. Girl I’m with it!!! It’s good to do it together than alone!!!! You got this!
Anna Lovato
Anna Lovato Dzień temu
So excited for this as someone who's been watching you for 7+ years and who also has had weight gain. Keep it up.
A. Maddox
A. Maddox Dzień temu
Jac's Journey
Madelin Corado
Madelin Corado Dzień temu
Aww Jacqueline I’m so happy you’re doing this for yourself. I was in the same situation you are about 5 years ago. And you’re right it’s not until you are ready to commit that you will commit. Stay strong and enjoy the journey. Find foods that you enjoy and you’ll never feel like you’re dieting it.
Free Spirit
Free Spirit Dzień temu
BOOOOOOM - Thor Hammer!! You do you a f everyone else and their negative shi*
JennRoseee Dzień temu
I believe in you! You got this girl! ❤️❤️❤️
Cynthia Cano
Cynthia Cano 2 dni temu
Girl but show me how to do that hairstyle 🤩
Cynthia Cano
Cynthia Cano 2 dni temu
So happy for you!!
Madelyn Gutierrez
Madelyn Gutierrez 2 dni temu
Omg I’m so proud of you I love this video so much I’m in this with you!!!! THANK YOU ❤️
roxthi 2 dni temu
Where is this sweatshirt from? 🤨 🤔
Tina Best
Tina Best 2 dni temu
You really need to go to Dr. Ken Barry on PLto his wife Neisha has Hashimoto’s and they both do carnivore or keto it works I wouldn’t do fruit or sugar but I doubt you’ll read this anyway and following you for years love you
ily ily
ily ily 2 dni temu
i respect you so much for everything youve gone through.
Makayla Claire
Makayla Claire 2 dni temu
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roya borojeni
roya borojeni 2 dni temu
dude call it hill to health
Jennifer Valencia
Jennifer Valencia 2 dni temu
I’m having a salsa ranch salad and a coke lol but let’s do this,
Sarah Assakkaf
Sarah Assakkaf 2 dni temu
Hope you get healthy and lose weight and one day get pregnant 🤰 as you wish 😘 ❤️ 🤗
Mavelin Nuñez
Mavelin Nuñez 2 dni temu
I love that u r being open minded n keeping it real with us. This is y I love u cuz u always keep it real. Just having n keeping a positive mind will definitely help us get through this journey. Yes totally agree with u, we will have bad times n good times. But we cannot let it stop us from getting to where we want to be or from being happy. Do whatever makes u happy. There will always be those ppl who will keep motivating u n uplifting u, while there r other ppl that don't want u to b happy. But just remember that real women empower other women. Just like u, I am in the need of exercising n wanting to be healthier. I am a mom of 3 n definitely want to do this for myself n them. Just so I can live a longer life n c my children become adults, n one day get to c my grandchildren. We got this n thank u for taking us along with u on this journey. It is also going to help n inspire other ppl that struggle with this. Just like me. 😘😘
big peenis
big peenis 2 dni temu
Jacklyn PLEASE GO FIND A FUNCTIONAL DOCTOR AND GET A THYROID PANEL RAN!!!! The sweating, the weight gain and everything else can all be linked to your thyroid !
big peenis
big peenis 2 dni temu
Thyroid issues can also be brought on by a traumatic experience like when your makeup line caused your depression and anxiety and feelings of failure etc in the past ❤️ YOU GOT THIS!!
Kricia Kilpatrick
Kricia Kilpatrick 2 dni temu
I love this idea I am trying to start me own series and i think documenting it will hold me accountable!
Kristina B
Kristina B 2 dni temu
You have motivated me!! Get fit with Jaclyn!!
thefryinator 2 dni temu
Omg, my husband and I are about to get a gym membership starting at the beginning of October for the first time since we've been together (7 years) and I'm in the exact same place where I'm really motivated to get healthy for myself and hoping to be healthy enough to get pregnant in a couple of years Edit: I gained a ton of weight when I was stressed out about my wedding. Like wedding stress is real, you can be so excited and love the person so much, but the stress of putting so much shit together and wanting it to be so perfect is just Soo hard.
Cheska Villanueva
Cheska Villanueva 2 dni temu
So excited for you! 😚
Karolina Miodowska
Karolina Miodowska 2 dni temu
You got this we love you jaclyn ❤️
Kylie Dugan
Kylie Dugan 2 dni temu
Thank you for not making this about weight loss.
Tessa Orzech
Tessa Orzech 2 dni temu
Call it Jac Snaps Back!!
Its Amber Renae
Its Amber Renae 2 dni temu
On a real note! I just wanted video one and I love. It is such a new fresh vibe. There are just so many makeup videos now that I don't want to watch another one. What we don't have is the real life.
Its Amber Renae
Its Amber Renae 2 dni temu
Name keeping up with J Hill lol
David C
David C 2 dni temu
You go girl!!!!
Francheska 2 dni temu
FOLLOWING!!!! Omg I can relate to this so much.
Catherine Parry
Catherine Parry 2 dni temu
Good for you! I have been in the same gear shift since having my second baby. I have been tracking macros (I’m more so focusing on building some muscle mass) it has really helped me realize what a serving size is and just opening my eyes to balancing out different facets of my diet. We all have to start from somewhere, but it seems like you have the right attitude. If I give ANY advice, don’t rely on motivation. Disciple is what you rely on, just like brushing my teeth, I get my workout in. Sending you some positive vibes!
Wendy Fugate
Wendy Fugate 3 dni temu
I’m excited!!!!! Let’s go
Life with Chloe
Life with Chloe 3 dni temu
“Back to Jac” this series is about peeling back the layers, the inner monologue, the insecurities, and letting it all go. Hence getting back to YOU and your authentic best self.
Amber Fanton
Amber Fanton 3 dni temu
You go girl! Everyone has to start somewhere. I believe it’ll change your life in more ways than one 💗
Heidi VLF
Heidi VLF 3 dni temu
Uphill journey with Jaclyn
Heidi VLF
Heidi VLF 3 dni temu
I love this idea. I’m at the same place. You are gorgeous at your current weight. Ignore the losers, who say mean things.
Sandy R
Sandy R 3 dni temu
Fuckkkk you’re brave!!! Know it, own it! Bravery 💕
Cassie Miller-Iozzia
Cassie Miller-Iozzia 3 dni temu
Jaclyn, I have never watched your channel but found out about this video through Obese to Beast. I'm officially a fan! Looking forward to watching your journey - I'm on a similar journey and have lost about 30 pounds and feel so much better in all aspects. Sending you lots of strength!
Stephanie Legg
Stephanie Legg 3 dni temu
Jacks back?
Stephanie Legg
Stephanie Legg 3 dni temu
You should document going to a nutritionist for what your body actually needs
Stephanie Legg
Stephanie Legg 3 dni temu
Please focus on the mind and spirit to!! That’s always number 1
Bree Cannon
Bree Cannon 3 dni temu
Yoooo… just FYI, animal products are heavily processed. It’s fine if that isn’t something you are ready to cut out if your diet but you should look more into factory farming and the health risks that come from meat & dairy. I’m so proud of you for investing in yourself, it’s a journey and you can do it!
Mallory Howard
Mallory Howard 3 dni temu
Katie Ford
Katie Ford 3 dni temu
“Its not gonna be me in front of a backdrop. It’s gonna be me living my actual real life” … That’s all we’ve ever wanted ❤️❤️❤️
J B Post
J B Post 3 dni temu
I love dairy too, and A2 milk help me with inflammation, and you are so pretty!!!! All the best!
Victoria Victoria
Victoria Victoria 3 dni temu
"Jaclyn Climbing Up The Hill" I love this idea. You can show me how to do this too! I need to change my life as well. It's even harder at 50 (me) So thanks for doing this! I'll definitely be following your journey! And I'll join ya!
tollywoga 3 dni temu
Getting Jac'd
Iranie Arvallo
Iranie Arvallo 3 dni temu
I love your genuine confidence, courage and strength to be positive overall! This really encourages me, I’ve been in a health “rut” the past few months as well. I keep telling myself I need to make healthier choices and I always excuse myself. It’s hard to be healthy as you get older I’ve been noticing. I just turned 30 and I feel my body not the same as it was 5 years ago. It’s difficult but WE can do it :)
Rachel G
Rachel G 3 dni temu
Good luck! Maybe try removing any fillers/ foreign material from your body. Inflammation is also the body's way of fighting unknown things and maybe its also contributing.... But I really hope you can have a healing journey and feel amazing!
April G Queen-A
April G Queen-A 3 dni temu
Omg I cheat every day! Motivate me ! Can I just follow what you do to see if it works for me too ? I just might!
Tarah Eliza
Tarah Eliza 3 dni temu
SO EXCITED! I’m doing this with you!!!!
suneetbroca 3 dni temu
Call it The JacLean Series 😁 You are so honest and open and i can relate (have those issues you mentioned myself) Thank you for talking about change in a positive way!! ❤
Katy Garfinkel
Katy Garfinkel 3 dni temu
Girl I am in the same position as you with the weight gain/sweating/inflammation. I LOVE that you are doing this and documenting it all so we can be along with your journey. You are motivating me to do and be better! I am excited and look forward to seeing the healthy snack/food ideas, workouts etc. I love how raw this series is! Can’t wait to watch you and do this healthy journey with you. 💜💜💜
Ashley Kristina
Ashley Kristina 3 dni temu
if you just eat between the hours of 9am to 5pm and nothing after you will lose weight
Mindy Devora
Mindy Devora 3 dni temu
Felt so much joy for her when she said, “I’m not depressed anymore!” ❤️
Trisha Sims
Trisha Sims 4 dni temu
I am 3 months into my journey. I am excited to have someone to go through the journey with per se!!
bribee4eva 4 dni temu
I’m honestly so happy for you! Go Jaclyn!♥️
Vanessa soares
Vanessa soares 4 dni temu
You go girl!
Measuring Madness
Measuring Madness 4 dni temu
This last year, I’ve been going through a really similar journey. I just want to feel better more than anything. It’s getting there. The other day I got my blood work back and just a year’s difference was so drastically improved! It really showed me that even though things feel stagnant right now, I’ve greatly invested in my health. You got this Jaclyn. It’s so worth it.
Monica Mccorkle
Monica Mccorkle 4 dni temu
Monica Mccorkle
Monica Mccorkle 4 dni temu
Jaclyn Journey.
Monica Mccorkle
Monica Mccorkle 4 dni temu
Yes! You look great, I feel you on the working out thing.
K P 4 dni temu
🤍🤍🤍 love your attitude and approach to this. So healthy! Can’t wait to watch
Montana Taylor
Montana Taylor 4 dni temu
I can’t wait to feel this way one day
Shannin Meiring
Shannin Meiring 4 dni temu
Literally feel exactly the same on all fronts! 😭🙏❤️
Shannin Meiring
Shannin Meiring 4 dni temu
SO READY FOR THIS😬👏🙌😬👏🙌😬👏🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Krista Sweetleaf
Krista Sweetleaf 4 dni temu
Jaclyn, Definitely not here to blow smoke up your ass but you're so beautiful and I'm proud of you for making your health a priority! I'm so sorry some ppl with stank energy made you feel like shit after the lipstick release (you were so unfairly targeted and judged by so many catty jealous ppl-i mean I've never seen so many microscopes being broke out🙄-) and no one before or since has had that extreme level of unfair criticism. Of course it upset you. Now do the damn thing Jac and show all those naysayers and haters that you can totally bounce back! Loveeeee you 😘
Angelica Davis
Angelica Davis 4 dni temu
You go girl!! I’m excited to be here rooting for you! Don’t forget girly life is short, enjoy yourself.
Megan Hirschi
Megan Hirschi 4 dni temu
I'm so excited! I'm cheering for you!!!
EJ Liciouz
EJ Liciouz 4 dni temu
Hang in there Jaclyn
Lindsey Flannery
Lindsey Flannery 4 dni temu
As a dietitian working in the field of eating disorders, I want to encourage you to not share your weight or body measurements! It's not relevant to your health. Consider researching Health At Every Size! ♥️
Tia Hardy
Tia Hardy 4 dni temu
Thank you Beauty" Will be following and working as well" I so Need This!! OMG
Abbi g
Abbi g 4 dni temu
I STARTED MY FITNESS JOURNEY A MONTH AGO!! i needed this video. this made me so happy. i cut out fast food, dairy, and constantly thinking about ways to improve myself.
Sherina S
Sherina S 4 dni temu
I'm at that point too! I'm 28 getting married in April and am dying to get pregnant soon and have a baby but I've just recently learned I've developed a fatty liver. I DONT drink alcohol so wtf right ! Well it's bc I don't take care of myself either girl! This is such a real and vulnerable journey to share with us Jaclyn!! I'm grateful for you and your transparency!!
Ryan Deffley
Ryan Deffley 4 dni temu
Since you have zero fitness and holiday season food temptation, you're looking at an uphill battle. As a personal trainer I'd recommend a gradual approach like : Oct-Jan: Eliminate all liquid cals and just try to make food portions smaller day to day. Do 30 min walks 2-4x a day Mon-Fri and enjoy holiday eating in moderation. Feb : No liquid cals, start gradual food tracking, 60 min walks Mon-Fri, and start doing two actual workouts per week. Mar-May : 90 day summer prep! No liquid cals, strict food tracking, 60 min walks Mon-Fri and 3-4 actual workouts per week. ** This makes the holidays easier with no strict tracking, develop a mindset of adherence gradually, and it slowly builds your fitness over time. It's a lifestyle you can maintain. 💯
Princess Tamara v. Stillwell
Princess Tamara v. Stillwell 4 dni temu
awww bless your heart! I am so sorry you feel so bad but it will be OKAY! I promise I have been on I.F for the last year.. I get on I fall off but I DON'T GIVE UP. You got this and you will be better for it. It is mind set and a LIFE CHANGE not a diet. you got this mama, jut hang in there. YOU CAN... YOU REALLY CAN
Little miss sunshine
Little miss sunshine 4 dni temu
Drink more lemon water and green juices. And eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies🍌🍎🍋🍓🍑🥦🍐🥒🥕🍏🥭🍍🍒🍅👌🏼
Cassie Hawkins
Cassie Hawkins 4 dni temu
I think that is such an awesome mindset!
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