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God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5

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17 dni temu

KaiDie KaiDie
KaiDie KaiDie 10 minut temu
so whitewashing is wrong, but doing the opposite when it comes to norse mythology is not huh?
Nero Devil.21
Nero Devil.21 33 minut temu
Ima need the blade of Olympus in this one And ima need to be able to run the default armor as a cosmetics option for the whole game. And bring back the Spartans style shield cosmetic from the last game too
GurennLaggan 35 minut temu
Man I'm happy to see Mimir!
Каден 53 minut temu
Just realised Mimir has jewls in his beard like thamus. Mimir even said that thamus looks dashing for a corspe.
TheVoicz Godzinę temu
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta Godzinę temu
"start thinking like a general" *kratos pulls out of his pocket GOW 1,2,3, Chains of olympus and ghost of sparta* "play these boy then you'll understand why i shouldn't think like a general"
carl revell
carl revell Godzinę temu
Anybody else notice the loki horns when autreus walk into the cave with the deer
Elaine G
Elaine G 2 godzin temu
Freya no :(
Cody Schlenker
Cody Schlenker 3 godzin temu
Yeah because black people existed in ancient Nordic tales. But you know.. D1v3rSiTy!!
M. Jackson
M. Jackson 2 godzin temu
Nobody cares, dude. Just you. If it bothers you too much don't play it. Adults aren't here to dry your tears.
Raunold Smithers
Raunold Smithers 3 godzin temu
I got a Ragnarok in my pants watching this trailer
Antonio M.
Antonio M. 3 godzin temu
Ohh, new add on. Dope
BIEL ROCHA 4 godzin temu
Tmnc, jogo foda do Caraí
A random cunt
A random cunt 4 godzin temu
I have a feeling this might be game of existence right here…
Viridian4892 4 godzin temu
I cant wait until Loki becomes evil
Yad King
Yad King 4 godzin temu
The best 😎🔥
Rocafella Plaza82
Rocafella Plaza82 5 godzin temu
Hopefully, in New Game + , when you get the same reward, it would be nice to not have to re-Socket on your Armor again and again and again
Anish A Ansari
Anish A Ansari 5 godzin temu
Official Releasing Date?
Jhoriel24 6 godzin temu
cowboy panini
cowboy panini 6 godzin temu
martonflo 1567
martonflo 1567 6 godzin temu
Va salir para ps4?
PAIN-X ! 7 godzin temu
Vinicius Nunes
Vinicius Nunes 7 godzin temu
Thor: hi Kratos: I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye
Atomic Lich King
Atomic Lich King 8 godzin temu
Interesting note about Tyr: he has his right hand. The hand which is to be bitten off by Fenrir, the brother of Jormungandr and another son of Loki. He also has a band of some sort on his right wrist. Now, it’s true that Fenrir may not be born yet, but if Jormungandr is around, then who knows? Perhaps we’ll get to see Tyr lose his hand in this game. Honestly, with the way they’ve been portraying the Jotün in these games, we may even see Fenrir in a heroic light, since (due to Odin’s treachery) he’s destined to kill Odin come Ragnarok.
ba_mutale 8 godzin temu
Imagine hating on a black character because you don't know history/mythology but accepting Loki being the son of Kratos
Noah Knight
Noah Knight 8 godzin temu
I like how they always have someone towering over Kratos like it makes a difference how big they are.
Savio Sebastian
Savio Sebastian 8 godzin temu
This game is going to be so awesome.
Reg 9 godzin temu
Do release in ps4 also
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 9 godzin temu
finally some representation for all of those black Norse people! what a f/cking joke
Max Ford Gaming
Max Ford Gaming 8 godzin temu
Also there were brown looking vikings.
Max Ford Gaming
Max Ford Gaming 8 godzin temu
Why are you so mad? This isn't supposed to be an accurate take on Norse mythology, besides she lives in Jotunheim which is hot and always sunny. Which means most likely due to the heat the skin color of some giants changed.
Flood Playz
Flood Playz 9 godzin temu
This game always gives me chills.
Epiwrath 9 godzin temu
Fighting Freya will be amazing.,.
Dinsoul Turtle
Dinsoul Turtle 10 godzin temu
I'm betting there in the fight with thor kratos might so something with his hammer or when you probably kill him get his gauntlets and lift it , I know he probably won't be able to wield the hammer but it would be cool even if its a small interaction
sikm33 8 godzin temu
lol seeing Kratos’s record... he probably won’t even need the belt and gloves... in the myth magni didn’t need the belt and gloves but thor did... so it will be interesting to see what happens here... also kratos is literally stronger than before... so yeah...
Sli Sasha
Sli Sasha 10 godzin temu
Kratos sound like Earthshaker. Nice
Bruv Moment
Bruv Moment 10 godzin temu
Ben10 10 godzin temu
Imagine Kratos as your Siri 😂 Me: “Hey Kratos, is it hot outside?” Kratos: Wouldnt you like to know, weather boy ?
Nama Doodoo
Nama Doodoo 6 godzin temu
MrBOx195 11 godzin temu
Someone tell Tyr to start clapping before it's too late
Achraf Abid
Achraf Abid 11 godzin temu
Kratos : war is not the only way. Kratos again : proceeds to butcher everyone in sight.
In moments of crisis panic is nothing, let it serve you
Meer 12 godzin temu
Are you a calm and reasonable person? Zeus: * SPITS OUT MILK *
MR. ICE 12 godzin temu
Thor: “Are you a calm and reasonable person? You seem like a calm and reasonable person.” *Flashbacks to Kratos pulverising Zeus’ face* Kratos: “lol, yea”
Sidney Bezerra Da Silva
Sidney Bezerra Da Silva 12 godzin temu
O que aconteceu com a maldição da freha ela não pode nem se defender? Odin fez um trato com ela para ele tirar a maldição
Grey Crusader
Grey Crusader 12 godzin temu
Tyr is going to know who Kratos is. Curious to see how Atreus reacts to it all. Also, Svartalfheim looks awesome!
sikm33 8 godzin temu
@fabRic_jAck lol yeah... tyr is the complete opposite of Kratos... that’s why Kratos respects him so much...
fabRic_jAck 8 godzin temu
@sikm33 Kratos was much more brutal than Tyr ever was.
sikm33 8 godzin temu
Tyr definitely knows who kratos is very well... he had Kratos’s relics and stuff... which captured his reputation of killing and waging wars... his fellow colleague from another pantheon lol...
Grey Crusader
Grey Crusader 13 godzin temu
Am I the only one getting an "Athena vibe" off the girl at the very end?
Sebastian Servello
Sebastian Servello 13 godzin temu
Game of the year 2022 this you?
Fate 13 godzin temu
there was no black person in the old norse ragnarok
Max Ford Gaming
Max Ford Gaming 8 godzin temu
Did you read the prose edda?
boys in the hood
boys in the hood 12 godzin temu
there weren't any Greeks in the old Norse either
CyroGaming 14 godzin temu
I hope atreus will see Kratos's full spartan rage, but I don't think we will see it this game.
Memes videos
Memes videos 14 godzin temu
Wooco 14 godzin temu
Kratos gets to use Mjölnir!!
bast boy saif
bast boy saif 14 godzin temu
Come in.
Muhammad Syafiq
Muhammad Syafiq 14 godzin temu
Dev: Changes from greek to norse mythology Also dev: Blackwash norse giant Future dev: Kratos is actually ga...
Max Ford Gaming
Max Ford Gaming 8 godzin temu
We don't know what the Norse giants looked like.
bafrali5561 10 godzin temu
Stop diddling goats mohammad
sakura002 15 godzin temu
radio 99 indonesia
radio 99 indonesia 15 godzin temu
Ps 4 pro pleasee
StompDeni42 16 godzin temu
I can't wait to watch this entire game too as cutscenes on PLto!
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 godzin temu
@#MakeTekkenGreatAgain I mean did you expect a game that is made by a Sony owned studio and one that is being funded by Sony not to be exclusive to their console they're trying to sell? It doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. It's available on ps4 too btw
shock jockey
shock jockey 8 godzin temu
@#MakeTekkenGreatAgain It's on ps4 too.
#MakeTekkenGreatAgain 13 godzin temu
@Intro Duction it doesn't help that it's ps5 exclusive kinda limits it's accessibility, i'd love to play it myself but i only game on PC
EmanPlays 15 godzin temu
@Intro Duction Probably can’t afford it
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu
Why not just play it yourself to get full experience? There is stuff in the gameplay you miss if you just watch the cutscenes
LPGDICP 16 godzin temu
1:45 Kratos missed a chest lol
Captain Will
Captain Will 17 godzin temu
Maybe nidhogg will be in it
Captain Will
Captain Will 15 godzin temu
@Intro Duction nidhogg is a giant dragon eating the roots of the world tree and he is said to fight along side the gaints in ragnarok
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu
Vishakh Unnikrishnan
Vishakh Unnikrishnan 17 godzin temu
This game is impossible
Blondord 17 godzin temu
"Calm and responsible" Olympus: "You have made poor choice of words"
gamer_zombie 17 godzin temu
egwert egwert
egwert egwert 17 godzin temu
Best game forewer
Lividbutton 17 godzin temu
Polar Express crossover? did not expect that
Dmeads 56
Dmeads 56 17 godzin temu
I know that there are some people who are upset with the girl not being white, but my guess is that she is half Egyptian. Since this will be the last of the Norse GoW games, it makes sense and would tie in the next game.
giovanni brena
giovanni brena 6 godzin temu
@Intro Duction maybe, the theory still stands
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 godzin temu
@giovanni brena actually the parts with no snow was the land of the dwarfs swartalhiem(i butched this name). You can tell by the background on some parts it's the realm of the vanir gods like freya vanaheim
giovanni brena
giovanni brena 12 godzin temu
She may be full egyptian. Some people speculate part of the game is in egypt (those scenes where there's no snow and winter) and that crocodile monster attacking kratos is sobek.
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu
If she's not Egyptian...that is still fine. These fools who don't like it can go jump in a lake
sceuderia10 01
sceuderia10 01 18 godzin temu
Super excited for this ... When is it coming anyway?
sceuderia10 01
sceuderia10 01 7 godzin temu
@Gamepass for the poor yes I hope so too
Gamepass for the poor
Gamepass for the poor 8 godzin temu
@sceuderia10 01 No it's going to be mid - late 2022 assuming it doesn't get delayed again.
sceuderia10 01
sceuderia10 01 17 godzin temu
@Kosta Danicic early 2022 I hope.
Kosta Danicic
Kosta Danicic 18 godzin temu
Luke Dodson
Luke Dodson 18 godzin temu
Kratos and Arthur Morgan calling each other boi
ravikar singh
ravikar singh 18 godzin temu
Kratos has his own version of Alexa
Anand Benny
Anand Benny 19 godzin temu
"Are you a calm and reasonable person" Kratos : 👀👀
Jaffar Selles
Jaffar Selles 19 godzin temu
Boring Supernova
Boring Supernova 19 godzin temu
I came
Om Prakash Ramawat
Om Prakash Ramawat 19 godzin temu
I am from future this game is op I have played
Ethan Seao-Sandoval
Ethan Seao-Sandoval 20 godzin temu
I’m really interested to hear the full soundtrack
football8897 20 godzin temu
Just started replaying 2018. Forgot how young Loki is in the game, really makes me wonder what happens in the gap between the games
SPARKZ FF 21 godzinę temu
This is not thor ragnarok
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu's better 😌
Kenneth Monfil
Kenneth Monfil 21 godzinę temu
The video game will b the finale of the "Norse Saga" that started with the 2018 title, but does anyone thinks that the developers of the "franchise" r thinking in transition it into other "mythologies (i.e. Roman Gods, Hindu Gods, Mexican Gods, etc.)"?
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu
Yes 👍
Death Tokens
Death Tokens 21 godzinę temu
Thor: “are you a calm and reasonable person” The Whole Greek Pantheon and 1/3 of the Norse Pantheon : 🤣😄🙁😵‍💫😵
Unbowedtourspeed 22 godzin temu
Jonathon Smith
Jonathon Smith 22 godzin temu
Got the token black in there
Jonathon Smith
Jonathon Smith 4 godzin temu
@bafrali5561 not crying at all. It's embarrassing
bafrali5561 10 godzin temu
Cry some more
Fuzzystarhead 22 godzin temu
I wish xbox has such great exclusives
Fuzzystarhead 8 godzin temu
@Kosta Danicic True, halo infinite looks like the best halo coming out in the last couple years, and we do have Game pass, but besides that I think thats it
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu
Xbox is taking Ls alot this gen already
Kosta Danicic
Kosta Danicic 18 godzin temu
They have Halo
Rasta Jack
Rasta Jack 22 godzin temu
Thor:- “Are you a calm and a reasonable person” All of Greece:- “Trust me pal you’re not that guy”
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu
@THOR boi
THOR 20 godzin temu
Prepare to feel my wrath.
Nasi ____
Nasi ____ 23 godzin temu
Coming back to this and just realized Thor doesn’t have an accent like magni and modi lol
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 15 godzin temu
His wife Sif must have an accent then
Luis Mejia
Luis Mejia 23 godzin temu
3:04 Angrboda!
Thyrone Jacob Cayetano
Thyrone Jacob Cayetano 23 godzin temu
how about ps4?
United Souls
United Souls 20 godzin temu
Coming to PS4 too
John the Messenger
John the Messenger 23 godzin temu
My theory for the ending is that Thor or one of the Norse Gods will kill Kratos, fulfilling Faye's prophecy of Atreus holding Kratos's body, and transforming Atreus into Loki, therefore making the next 2 or 3 more games a vengeance trip for Loki, killing all the Norse Gods.
sikm33 15 godzin temu
this is the last of norse saga... so no... also that is not kratos in the mural...
P&D 23 godzin temu
It great
OKSG JWUU 23 godzin temu
Thor.” You seem like a calm and reasonable person” Kratos.” Then you do not know me.”
THOR 20 godzin temu
I will turn him into meat.
Elias Muñoz
Elias Muñoz Dzień temu
darkmoon48 Dzień temu
The music when it shows the title gives me chills everytime thats how you make a theme.
independentTitle Dzień temu
Most of all, Kratos is finally dressed for the weather!
Feral Mind
Feral Mind Dzień temu
I thought tyr was standing, then he actually stood up 😳
AYUSH Srivastava
AYUSH Srivastava Dzień temu
Thor saying those words almost feels like an apology 😂
Pablo XD
Pablo XD Dzień temu
Nice job Xbox! 👏🏼
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 16 godzin temu
😆 🤣
Niloc Whalehands
Niloc Whalehands Dzień temu
"Are you a calm and reasonable person?" Yes, so I'm going to reasonably and calmly tell the comment section to shut up with the "Are you a calm and reasonable person?" comments.
Man Bat5
Man Bat5 Dzień temu
Boy Prepare Yourself Asgard awaits
11 Econas, Gian
11 Econas, Gian Dzień temu
If kratos destroys this mythology like where he comes from he and his son should go to Egyptian mythology
Uncle Drew Calzone
Uncle Drew Calzone Dzień temu
If we don’t get a Nordic version of The End Begins I’m going to scream
Burrito Boy
Burrito Boy Dzień temu
We are probably going to fight Thor in the beginning of the game might as well start with a bang
Harsh Choksi
Harsh Choksi Dzień temu
I actually want to see old kratos again, his rage and powers he had when he was seeking vengeance on Zeus
Kosta Danicic
Kosta Danicic 17 godzin temu
He isn't the old Kratos anymore. He became more wise
lets play
lets play Dzień temu
I watch this trailer on a daily basis
كووورة مع نعناعة
كووورة مع نعناعة Dzień temu
add please
Last scn 😵
philly d
philly d Dzień temu
I've completed GOW 5 times. I look forward to completing Ragnarok 10 times 😁
philly d
philly d 17 godzin temu
@Kosta Danicic Fair enough 👍
Kosta Danicic
Kosta Danicic 17 godzin temu
*GOW 4
Mandar Jadhav
Mandar Jadhav Dzień temu
Not for Ps4 😮😔
EmanPlays 15 godzin temu
@Mandar Jadhav it’s confirmed to be on PS4 aswell, so don’t worry
Mandar Jadhav
Mandar Jadhav 17 godzin temu
But Yet Sony said nothing about ps4 version.
Kosta Danicic
Kosta Danicic 17 godzin temu
What are you talking about, it will be available on PS4