The Matrix Resurrections - Official Trailer 1

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Warner Bros. Pictures

The Matrix Resurrections in theaters and on HBO Max December 22


From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes “The Matrix Resurrections,” the long-awaited fourth film in the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a genre. The new film reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity.

The film also stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (the “Aquaman” franchise) Jessica Henwick (TV’s “Iron Fist,” “Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens”), Jonathan Groff (“Hamilton,” TV’s “Mindhunter”), Neil Patrick Harris (“Gone Girl”), Priyanka Chopra Jonas (TV’s “Quantico,”), Christina Ricci (TV’s “Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story,” “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles”), Telma Hopkins (TV’s “Dead to Me,”), Eréndira Ibarra (series “Sense8,” “Ingobernable”), Toby Onwumere (TV’s “Empire”), Max Riemelt (series “Sense8”), Brian J. Smith (series “Sense8,” “Treadstone”), and Jada Pinkett Smith (“Angel Has Fallen,” TV’s “Gotham”).

Lana Wachowski directed from a screenplay by Wachowski & David Mitchell & Aleksander Hemon, based on characters created by The Wachowskis. The film was produced by Grant Hill, James McTeigue and Lana Wachowski. The executive producers were Garrett Grant, Terry Needham, Michael Salven, Jesse Ehrman and Bruce Berman.

Wachowski’s creative team behind the scenes included “Sense8” collaborators: directors of photography Daniele Massaccesi and John Toll, production designers Hugh Bateup and Peter Walpole, editor Joseph Jett Sally, costume designer Lindsay Pugh, visual effects supervisor Dan Glass, and composers Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer.

Warner Bros. Pictures Presents, In Association with Village Roadshow Pictures, In Association with Venus Castina Productions, “The Matrix Resurrections.” The film will be distributed by worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. It will be in theaters nationwide and on HBO Max via the Ad-Free plan on December 22, 2021; it will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release.

Akhil Krishnan
Akhil Krishnan 13 minut temu
Missed this movie for 16 damn years
Absolynth 54 minut temu
funny how the date numbers add up to 10. 1 and 0 hehe
jorge blast
jorge blast Godzinę temu
First one made a print in Sci Fi cinema history
JASON COBB Godzinę temu
Please don't disappoint
Bambim Godzinę temu
Aran Walsh
Aran Walsh Godzinę temu
Rescue mission...?
ScottyRules33 Godzinę temu
You're going to have to "FLY" me? That's what it sounds like.
Zone Notr
Zone Notr Godzinę temu
Getano Godzinę temu
Very Disappointing‼️
Noah 2 godzin temu
Who’s the new wanna be Morpheus? Looks okay. Not liking the new cast very much tho. (Besides Neo and Trinity)
chaaampagnesupernova 2 godzin temu
Wake up Samourai
NightCoreStudio 2 godzin temu
there's no more milk in the cow for god's sake.
just a girl with a mustache
just a girl with a mustache 2 godzin temu
I will watch that trailer till the movie comes out
Warrior girl
Warrior girl 2 godzin temu
Can't wait.. can't wait.
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي 2 godzin temu
Always folow the WHITE RABBIT
Kskks Jdkdjdj
Kskks Jdkdjdj 2 godzin temu
@Jkj Kknk, LMAO that comment dserves more
Jkj Kknk,
Jkj Kknk, 2 godzin temu
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي 2 godzin temu
Flint 2 godzin temu
Please, just don't... The trilogy is already in the books. You don't have to do this!
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي 2 godzin temu
Trinity:where have you been all these years Neo:long story someone killed my dog plot twist : its copied
خبحب بممبميمي
خبحب بممبميمي 2 godzin temu
Dez 2 godzin temu
This looks great....hopefully Doogie Howser has a small role in it....sorry
Budi Saputra
Budi Saputra 3 godzin temu
I see him as John Wick, not Mr Anderson (neo). 🤣
Сергей Мириган
Сергей Мириган 3 godzin temu
Oh my god. What happened to morpheus?
MrRavan218 3 godzin temu
they realy did laurence dirty
Ahmed Basim
Ahmed Basim 3 godzin temu
They show all the story in that Trailer 😀 bravo
Richard 3 godzin temu
This Trailer makes no sense to me, if it makes no sense to me now, how do you believe I would allow this to become normalised in my head by watching it.. I would prefer to not make sense of it..
Richard 3 godzin temu
I would be happier to see these celebrities reject the entertainment industry and tell the truth about it, instead of continuing on with stealing and distracting people. If you renounce the devil you can find forgiveness.. Tell the truth and free minds, and free yourself.. Let it all go..
Ian Worley
Ian Worley 3 godzin temu
The amount of us that will be rewatching the trilogy before this one
Richard 3 godzin temu
Once again the creators of these movies just want to capture peoples minds using CGI etc.. Its been done before, but its nothing from the previous movies. The reason why you wanted to start over is because the first three movies you felt were not done justice by the sequels. And now you believe writing a new story would deliver it some justice. Its a load of nonsense not matter how many times you regurgitate it.
nA Na
nA Na 3 godzin temu
How to ruin a great movie series by Warner Bros.
Richard 3 godzin temu
How can you attain power without being responsible? and you know its about violence and destruction?? When you cant control yourself and have not attained power over yourself and your mind? and you assume powers would be used to create peace? when its still destruction and chaos?? This might be why human beings cant have those powers, because they use them to punish each other or to destroy and create chaos?? So humanity created power, through bullets and bombs etc... Which then proves my point that humanity has not self control when they attain power.. this is then why humanity can not attain these powers over the reality we exist in,.
Kenneth Davtyan
Kenneth Davtyan 3 godzin temu
why is neo dressed like jonh wick?
Diana Constantin
Diana Constantin 3 godzin temu
Satanists are never stopping 12.22.21....
Richard 4 godzin temu
Everything created by the entertainment industry exists as a distraction. They said free your mind and let it all go.. Yet here they are again pretending that their freeing your minds.. The Jargon and complete nonsense presented within this trailer, tells me to not watch it..
Scape Goat
Scape Goat 4 godzin temu
This looks like Esjaydubayu garbage.
Richard 4 godzin temu
Your Mind And The World Around You Over The Years Creating Many Variations Of Normality That Were Not Normal Have Now Been Made Acceptable. Your Mind Has Been Defined And Created, But Not Exactly Created And Defined By Yourself, Or Your Freedom. The Entertainment Industry And Celebrities Have Defined Your Mind And How You Accept Reality, By Sabotaging Your Senses... You Don't Have Full Control Over Your Experiences And Senses That Create Your Experiences.. Your senses have been used, to create your emotions and feelings... Listen to the silence you can create around you, and you will free your mind.. Let Go Of The Entertainment Industry... You have been distracted by those things.
Richard 4 godzin temu
When you decide to follow a dream, you feel happier when your sleeping. But you realise you cant make the dream a reality unless you have followers. And so you rely on your followers to make your dream a reality. And they end up feeling happier when their sleeping too... Its time to stop dreaming and its time to stop following someone else's dream... Free Your Mind, Wake Up... Let Go Of The Entertainment Industry.. Take Back Your Senses, And Take Back Your Mind..
Richard 4 godzin temu
This movie has nothing to do with their first motive, " to Free Your Mind " From the Matrix.. Simply watching movies like this exist to absorb your mind. By playing on your desires of having power... But you have no control over your senses when you allow your mind to be absorbed by these things. You need to free your mind from things that use your senses in order to capture and absorb your minds... Listen to the silence, and let go of the entertainment industry and the world created by it and its celebrities..
Richard 4 godzin temu
If you desire power, you need to master yourself. you need power over yourself, not each other..... Its not about power and control over each other... Its the power and control you have over yourself... Self Awareness is Defined By " Self Control "... Have power over yourself and your mind rather than lose your mind to all those things manipulating your senses in order to attain your mind.. Let it all Go.
Levi Charter
Levi Charter 4 godzin temu
Even the first film was bad in my opinion, the sequels just found out how to get worse, let's hope this movie is good
Society Zero
Society Zero 4 godzin temu
It's even spookier when you realize who Keanu Reeves has been set up and staged as such a down to earth fellow, a real guy, a great human being.
Richard 4 godzin temu
In this real world we exist in, people would prefer to live in a simulation where anything is possible.. Rather than have their minds set free... Im just saying, even these movies about simulations are causing desires to experience the possibilities of living in a simulation, and so humanity created the simulations, not the A.I. You chose to lose your minds..
Richard 4 godzin temu
You prefer to live in simulation because you can have powers, but would you choose to let go in order to Free Your Mind? You wanted to be extraordinary and so you chose to live in a simulation and you lost your mind.. Would you Free Your Mind, knowing these powers don't exist in the real world??
Richard 4 godzin temu
I am not giving my mind away this time, my senses belong to me, not the entertainment industry..
Society Zero
Society Zero 4 godzin temu
I already hate the guts and acting of the guy who at the end who says: "Back to the Matrix!" He looks like a decoupled character from the 50 Shades of Grey franchise.
My Makaveli 777
My Makaveli 777 4 godzin temu
Name of the song ? Somebody ?
Richard 4 godzin temu
Hmm. So the illuminati are at it again... Why? the first Matrix Trilogy made you all assume we already exist in a simulated reality., If we did then why do we need technology to create simulated realities? If you could play with the physics of reality then it is a simulation, but if you cant then reality is real.. Again you need technology to create simulations? but would you create a simulation where no one realises it is a simulation? A Prison ( for the mind ) .. A criminal correction facility that uses a simulation, and makes people forget who they were in order to correct them and give them another chance at life.. Google 1000 Years in 8 Hours ( Minority Report ) But you know, even within a criminal correction facility, regular people can project themselves into the simulation and hope no one realises that they are projections from the real world.. You see, the criminals are sleeping and living inside the simulation, but people from the real world have a choice whether or not they want to take part... It could be ( A Criminal Correction Facility ) Like in Minority Report... 1000 years in 8 hours... You know obviously no one can live a 1000 year life within a simulation because they will start realising their in a simulation? So they have to repeat their life within the simulation over and over again until they have served their sentence.
Society Zero
Society Zero 4 godzin temu
His "crazy" uncomfortably ryhmes with Jay-Z.
Manuel Medina
Manuel Medina 5 godzin temu
Oh nice scanner darkly 2
CubiCNooBiC 5 godzin temu
I am scared
R van bergen
R van bergen 5 godzin temu
First, there was ReLoaded... Then came ReVolutions... And now, it is happening... The third Re word.
Plissken 5 godzin temu
Lmao, they even show this as blue pill heaven.
neo 5 godzin temu
we want more more WARNER
Sada K
Sada K 5 godzin temu
1:05 when you take acid for the first time.
Maciej G.
Maciej G. 5 godzin temu
Green filter immediately!!
GC 6 godzin temu was all for nothing. Got it!
VRproject4K 6 godzin temu
just looks like another force awakens, brings back original actors after they got old to make a buck
VRproject4K Godzinę temu
the matrix is not woke
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser 2 godzin temu
@VRproject4K Christ dude, “woke” is literally the premise of The Matrix. Always has been.
VRproject4K 4 godzin temu
@Paul Danhauser right, get back to me once it goes full woke 2 movies later and tell me that again
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser 5 godzin temu
There's actually a backstory to why this is being made, if you cared enough to look. Also, Force Awakens was made by a hack director who didn't really get Star Wars OR George Lucas. This one's born of Wachowski inspiration with Wachowski hands on it. I think it's going to surprise people.
sock it jeff
sock it jeff 6 godzin temu
Miss those greenish hue
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser 5 godzin temu
Notice the golden color palette? Neo is literally engulfed in gold light at the end of Revolutions. There's a reason for everything.
Philip Quist
Philip Quist 6 godzin temu
Please please please please don't ruin this movie. 2021 Hollywood movies have been so disappointing
Showkat Sumon
Showkat Sumon 6 godzin temu
Welcome back Mr. Anderson.
Massimo Masak Martino
Massimo Masak Martino 6 godzin temu
Ori 6 godzin temu
Wait, December 22? I thought this would be for like... 2023 or something
Sariah Wah
Sariah Wah 6 godzin temu
Luckplayer 7 godzin temu
I think that Neo ultimately took a route similar to Cypher’s (but without the betrayal). Neo willingly plugged himself back into the Matrix after the events of Revolutions, because after traumatic events like Trinity’s death, he didn’t want to live in reality anymore. That’s why he’s taking the blue pills, to keep himself trapped in the Matrix. Considering we actually see the original Matrix movie being projected in the trailer, I think that it’s possible that Neo chose to be an actor, and currently remembers the events of the previous films as if they were just movies he acted in, not as actual events that happened to him.
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 4 godzin temu
but how neo lost his body
AHappyKid 7 godzin temu
I’m ready
` confectual
` confectual 7 godzin temu
I bet trinity is going to end up being the one if so I’m walking out
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser 5 godzin temu
Because you hate women.
TheLifeOnHigh 7 godzin temu
For those asking. The song in the trailer is called “White Rabbit.” It’s a song from the band Jefferson Airplane which was produced in 1967. Inspired by the story “Alice in Wonderland.” - source Google
picasosdog 7 godzin temu
this is going to be epic 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
JJ_116 7 godzin temu
This is insane
Bruno G
Bruno G 7 godzin temu
It seems like a reboot
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser 4 godzin temu
@Luca Yup.
Luca 4 godzin temu
@Paul Danhauser It's not. It's been confirmed that it's a sequel to the trilogy. :)
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser 5 godzin temu
It's not.
Nabila Iqbal
Nabila Iqbal 5 godzin temu
I hope so.
RICE 7 godzin temu
What’s the my music for this trailer
TheLifeOnHigh 7 godzin temu
The song in the trailer is called “White Rabbit.” It’s a song from the band Jefferson Airplane which was produced in 1967. Inspired by the story “Alice in Wonderland.”
Mr. Burns Gaming
Mr. Burns Gaming 7 godzin temu
2:11 best part
Cyrus the Virus
Cyrus the Virus 7 godzin temu
I hope they don't regret this movie if its a failure it would hurt.
ampa -
ampa - 7 godzin temu
Well I was expecting a continuation on the original story, but I'll give this a chance.
FrankTheTank 6 godzin temu
It is a continuation lol
Venelope Prestyn
Venelope Prestyn 7 godzin temu
I am seeing John Wick as part of Eternals
It's Blogs 88
It's Blogs 88 7 godzin temu
"Pyaar bhi Corona ki tarh hai jb tk khud ko na ho jaye tb tk mazak hi lgta hai 💔💔😍
Venelope Prestyn
Venelope Prestyn 7 godzin temu
Where is the real.morpheus?
Luca 4 godzin temu
@Butt Dumny I think it's the same character but Yahya Abdul-Mateen II just takes over from Lawrence Fishburn who wouldn't or couldn't reprise the role.
Butt Dumny
Butt Dumny 6 godzin temu
Morpheus died some time after Revolutions and a program that was supposed to resemble him took his place but went rouge in The Matrix Online
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 8 godzin temu
Why does neo look like that
AsYouKnow 8 godzin temu
Back to the matrix
anurag gupta
anurag gupta 8 godzin temu
MATRIX.... Name is enough for unbelievable identify. People always expecting something undefined science advanture movie complete entertainment is Matrix. Thanks to all persons who cast in this movie back again. Director & Producer my humble request please don't break chain of Matrix movies. Life is important to live but need to be reason for that.
Cory Williams
Cory Williams 8 godzin temu
Johnny Silverhand!!!
MyFriendsCallMeKoach 8 godzin temu
Look I know the title of the video clearly states "trailer 1" but personally I feel like this should be the only trailer we see going in. I'm hooked.
Nծsҭᥑւgiᥴ Ⳏⲁⲅⲁdⲓⲋⲉ⏳🛸
Nծsҭᥑւgiᥴ Ⳏⲁⲅⲁdⲓⲋⲉ⏳🛸 8 godzin temu
I love this song man lol. From what I see it looks pretty good I really hope it be tho lol...the beginning reminded of John Wick for a sec for some reason lol 😂
Pedro Sequeira
Pedro Sequeira 9 godzin temu
So now he is a Jedi
amrith cr7
amrith cr7 9 godzin temu
He Take Revenge SERIOUSLY
Goeddaëus Brown92
Goeddaëus Brown92 9 godzin temu
칼같은매도 9 godzin temu
disappointed... John...
Marshe Reluao
Marshe Reluao 9 godzin temu
Lauren Fishburne 😞😞😞😞
TheSaucySauce 9 godzin temu
If you haven’t been following along, the directors haven’t made a good movie since the original matrix. So lower your expectations wayyyy down and you might have a chance.
privat privat
privat privat 9 godzin temu
Our reality and humanity isnt a great story and evolution to be proud of either...
chris 9 godzin temu
i dont know it seems weird......oh and thanks for this new types of trailers that show you the entire fuking film in three minutes ;D fukers...
Luca 4 godzin temu
I don't think they do. They are mere minutes of a film that will be several hours long so they're at the very least reveal the tone or atmosphere of what we will see. And you have to consider that they may deliberately leave crucial things out or rearrange them so we won't decipher the plot
AzureDragon97 9 godzin temu
Studio: Aight welcome back Keanu we just need you to get a haircut so you could resemble Neo again.. Keanu: *Sharpens pencil with murderous intent* Studio: ......nevermind
liquidmist81 9 godzin temu
Who is the blue haired mohawk chic/actor?
jaro essa
jaro essa 9 godzin temu
Neil Patrick Harris?? No Laurence Fishburne???? Nahhhh, I'm gonna have to skip this one and just watch it when it comes out on the pirated movie websites. Won't be worth my time or money to see it at the theatre.
KD C 10 godzin temu
I noticed watching this again that Neo loses his beanie hat when he and blue hair girl step through to the other side... mad hatter reference or just wardrobe fail?
suneel rawat
suneel rawat 10 godzin temu
Date of birth 1979 You know what I want to say
J J 10 godzin temu
That give me chills!
Connie’s Cooking Channel
Connie’s Cooking Channel 10 godzin temu
Benjamin Cary
Benjamin Cary 10 godzin temu
I woulda called it The Matrix: Rebooted, but whatever.
samar ssv
samar ssv 10 godzin temu
Zack Snyder cut justice league in hindi dubbed movie please sir
Marzan 10 godzin temu
what is the background song...?? someone please can tell me...? 😊
Allisyn Koblitz
Allisyn Koblitz 11 godzin temu
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